About lovers who know how to give the world as a gift

Photo by  Luca Bortolato

Photo by Luca Bortolato

There we were sitted
eating some burger wich wasn’t my favorite at all,
but in that very moment was the one I liked the most
since it was the one she was eating with me.
so in a flow of ideas,
very familiar to any couple that make the effort to have a conversation,
but an actual conversation
creating the will in one another to open your own brain
and offer every thought flowing in there,
we saw the possibilities that could be waiting for us in our future together.
we saw what the fourth dimension hold to us,
and we imagined every possibility we could,
making use of every cliche the world offers us
and also each one of our singularities.
at each exchange of thoughts I was getting more and more comfortable
I felt hugged by her words,
as warm as the physical hug she was giving me.
following these ideas
came the words we always say to each other
to express what we always feel.
we used the same words we often use
to communicate in our almost perfect way.
I think that explains the warmth I felt,
the unique warmth both of us feel only when we’re together.
when you have someone like we have each other
it’s hard to think the future in a way this convictions have no room in it.
they simply take their place inside our minds,
and build their time machines there
making us travel to any point of what’s going to happen,
infiltrating on these infinite points what they think we must and will live.
then, interrupting our conversation,
she grabbed a gift inside her purse
and asked me to close my eyes.
when I found out what it was, I also got the inevitable surprise.
a bath soap.
I’ve had just won a bath soap from the person whom
I was planning a world to live with.
but I realized this bath soap was the world we were going to built.
you can think this was a gift like any other,
but you may notice that
even at the supermarket,
at the personal hygiene section,
shopping just that she could buy what she ran of at home,
I still occupied her thoughts.
and not in any way,
but in a way she could never forget me,
even at that moment of the purest banality of life.
in the simplest act in the world
she put all the complexity that may have a feeling.
so at that moment I realized
that the world we planned together
had already been built long ago.


Submitted to ArtParasites by Arthur Ramos Petrin