Abandon All Familiarity, Ye Who Enter Here

After hibernating for ten long days while its collection received a facelift, the me Collectors Room will reopen its doors on Thursday, November 29 with the exhibition “Wonderful – Humboldt, Krokodil, Polke, Die Olbricht Collection.”  If I’m correct in assuming that the title refers to Alexander von Humboldt (famous geographer, naturalist, and explorer), Krokodil (the Russian home-made drug that makes your flesh rot and fall off), and Polke (the German painter of vibrant layers and found images), then folks: prepare yourselves for one naturally colorful, multilayered, flesh-rotting exhibition!

[Edit: I’ve just been informed that “Krokodil” in the exhibition title simply refers to the specimen of a Nile crocodile that the Olbricht collection recently acquired. My apologies for the misunderstanding and any unfounded excitement this may have caused!]


me-collectors-room-7 Enter the bizarre: the art of Jake & DInos Chapman at me Collectors Room. Photo: Chris Phillips

Nevertheless, continuing with its mission to interest, astonish, seduce, captivate, and spark a sense of discovery in every visitor, the Olbricht Foundation brings forth a brand new set of goodies—but be warned, the exhibition is only for the curious of heart. Famous for its Wunderkammer, or cabinet of curiosities (the only one of its kind in Berlin!), this space will now include an entire new room filled with never before displayed curiosities that are sure to bring out the inner explorer in both young and old. Of the most recent acquisitions, we are told that the exhibition will contain the Humboldt Chalice (mid-17th century), a great blue turaco, the infamous Nile krokodil, a turbo snail goblet from the 1500s, and a great number of other extraordinary objects and artifacts.

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