A Writer’s Letter To The Love Of His Life: You’re The Book I Want To End My Career With

Double exposure photography by  Sayaka Maruyama

Double exposure photography by Sayaka Maruyama

I’m a writer. I write poetry and stories. I’ve written so many stories about love. I have written poetry on intimacy, romance, separation and betrayal. Writing gives me pleasure. I’m looking for the last piece of my writing.

I also love to read and I’ve read a lot of books but there is no book which has inspired me to write further until I met you. The moment I saw you, I knew that this is the book I want to read and then write on it. This is the only book that will complete me.

The book of your body has so many ups and downs and I want to hold it tight to read it. Not just your body but I want to read your soul. Your body is just the gateway to your soul. I want to read you not only through my eyes but through my hands, lips, body and soul. 
I want to read your eyes. Beautiful eyes like a blue pearl. Surreal, celestial, divine, majestic eyes. I want to kiss you on your eyes. I want to know the dreams these mesmerising, amazing, spellbinding, gorgeous, dark, deep eyes possess. Incomplete dreams which could not find their way to reality. I want to complete them.
I want to read your heart. Your heart is an amazing place that has all the qualities of heaven. It seems like nobody has stayed here for long. There is so much darkness and I want to read by lighting-up your heart with the cresset of my love.
I want to read your passionate kisses and tight hugs. I want to read the touch of your hands. You might wonder how one can read someone and what’s the language that is required to read someone. Well, there is only one language through which one can read someone and that is feelings. It’s not love but beyond love.
Please lend me this book for eternity.  
Submitted to ArtParasites by Krishan Pandey