A Walk Through the Highlighted Art-Spaces of 48 Hours Neukölln

From the joy of a heaven built of candy-floss to the oppression of jail cells: see what happened at the art exhibions of Neukölln's craziest festival.

During this weekend’s 48 Hours Neukölln festival, the once rough Berlin district was taken over by all kinds of art enthusiasts. It was a paradise for all interested in art and having a good time. Berlin-artparasites presents a photo journal to highlight the best of this year’s 48 Hours Neukölln.

Our night began with candy-floss sculpture building in ”Paradise Sweet Paradise,” where visitors were invited to help build a sculpture. When entering the gallery, people received a piece of candy-floss and then they had two options: they could either eat it or stick it in the artwork. Reflected by mirrors and illuminated with yellow lights, you could enter in the middle of it and have a feeling that you were in some kind of heaven.

Then, it was time to get drunk and visit the photo exhibition ”Holy Späti!” located at the hip kiosk Späti International. Lea Julie Mugnaini and Hugo Estrela received the curious visitors and proudly showed the pictures taken in  the same spätkauf. And finally, it was time to enter Neukölln’s former prison where video-installations and performances were being hosted in creepy prison cells. Here is how it went down:

berlin, art, candy floss. cotton candy, speisenklub neukoelln, 48 hours neukoelln, fastival
Tasty art: Gabriel Rosa having fun with this edible piece of artwork.

candyfloss, berlin, art, 48 hours neukoelln, sky
Sugar turned into clouds. The candy-floss reflected in the mirrors and looked like a beautiful sky.

holy,spaeti,48 hours neukoelln, berlin, art, lea, hugo estrela

Time to meet the artists! Lea Julie Mugnaini and Hugo Estrela in front of the pictures taken in the spätkauf.

prision, cell, queue, berlin, art, 48 hours neukoelln

Long queue in the outside. The idea of an exhibition in a former prison attracted a big group of curious people.

prison,berlin,art,48 hours neukoelln, jail, cell 
The prison cells still have some of it’s original elements. What a weird (but amazing) place for an art exhibition!

prision, cell, berlin, art, 48 hours neukoelln, abbate 

Although fascinated by art, Johnny Alexandre Abbate said that he could still fell the oppression inside the jail.

former-prision-art-berlin-48 hours neukoelln 

Group of visitors photographing a the performance taking place inside of a cell.

prision, art, gallery, berlin, 48 hours neukoelln,mba , bikoro 

Nathalie Mba Bikoro writing quotes in one of the cell’s doors. She was preparing for a later performance.

prision, cell, berlin, art, window, 48 hours neukoelln 

Window of one of the prison cells.

What a crazy event, the only problem is we have to wait another year before the next one – Let’s hope it’s as whacky as this one!