A Taste of Mexico in Berlin

Put down that two kilo Dolores Burrito, keep your sombrero on and head to Stattbad Wedding tonight for Guillermo Aguilar-Huerta’s sure to be unforgetable art opening! Stattbad Wedding is one of the top venues in Berlin for displaying art, as it fills the former Prussian Bath House’s deep pool walls and eerie locker rooms, so why not spicen it up with a bit of colorful Mexican art? 

Based in Berlin since 2007, mexican artist Aguilar-Huerta incorporates his surroundings and cultural background into art work that is geometrical and full of exotic colors with traditional Mexican patterns clearly making a mark. Luckily you don’t have to go to Mexico to catch a glimpse of modern day Mexican art – Stattbad Wedding is displaying two collections of work by Aguilar-Huerta that is sure to make you want to expand your horizons a bit. The first collection will have various palettes positioned in the form of a crossword puzzle, and the second collection will have different works that depicts the universe, constellations and other galaxies.

Meet the artist himself at the opening, and be sure to check out the pools and boiler room where you can dance the night away, as always. The art night continues late, so you’ll have plenty of time to catch the German European Championship football game tonight. No excuses, see you there!