A Sultry Kind of Artistic Energy

If the dreary Berlin weather is forcing your mind to wander to the sure-to-be-sunny weekend, then we are here to indulge you with a mid-week treat in the form of an interview with artist and curator Clémence de La Tour du Pin. The decadently named artist is one half of the curatorial duo behind the upcoming Kunst(shot) exhibition to be held at HBC in conjunction with the berlin-artparasites BBQ this Saturday, July 21st! The exhibition plays on the idea that within empty space, energy is always present; coursing and surging through the air. Following this theme Clémence and her partner in crime Stefania Angelini collect a whole host of artists whose work borders on minimalism; slick and clean cut with white, negative space emerging as dominant. Find out here what the french conceptual artist thinks of energy, silence and the importance of flexibility: 

BAPS: What do you like about curating?
Clémence: As an artist, I have always been really interested in the idea of curating. I like the fact that curating is related to exchange and conversation. In London, I developed a performative practice with one of the artists of the show,John Henry Newton, which is based on that. I see the artist today as a certain kind of curator with objects & materials. Finding a way to combine things together into a specific space and build narratives. In a different scale, when you do a drawing, you are curating the line you do on the page. It’s all about decisions.
BAPS: Do you find it difficult to assume the role of both artist and curator in the same exhibition?
Clémence: I have double the work – it actually happens naturally that way. I see the act of curating as being quite connected to my art practice, you are free to create your own rules. Today, the barrier between being an artist & being a curator is more flexible. Plus curating gives the possibility to show artists’ works and I am very happy to put time and energy in showing artists that I trust in.
BAPS: Does the silence make you feel uneasy?
Clémence: During a conversation, a silence can tell you more than some words. We need silence. It’s something intrinsic in any matter.

BAPS: Do you think the ethos behind minimal art should transcend into our everyday lives?
Clémence: I am not quite sure about the notion of minimal art and what it means for me. My work is based of the everyday life experiences, I am just trying to express in the material world instincts I have on things, it’s somethings very impulsive.
BAPS: Do you think that it’s important to constantly challenge our perceptions of the world around us?
ClémenceIf you don’t want to get stuck, being flexible in thoughts & ideas is very important. The life we are living in is kind of crazy; things move quickly, challenging your way of seeing makes you more adaptable to situations.

BAPS: What do you believe in terms of the concept of “energy”?
Clémence: Love

BAPS: How did you meet Stefania Angelini?
Clémence:  Something like 2 years ago, I moved from London to Berlin and I met her during one of my first exhibition there, she was working as an intern for a galerie. We became close friend quickly, I would say that she has a good .. energy (!)

  • Clémence is exhibiting at “Empty Space,” which will take place at HBC Berlin parallel to the berlin-artparasites BBQ. Saturday, July 21st 2012 at 7pm. RSVP here for a free French baguette with brie at the BBQ!