A Poem To Teach You About The Goodness Inside

Photography by Ángela Burón

Photography by Ángela Burón

When you feel your body lighter
than usual, like a pilot-less jet
ready for it’s take off, go take off.

When you find the heavens raining,
you make sure the thunder’s all
set to scare their god.

Nobody’s playing on you today.

When you think somebody
deserves hell, you give ‘em.
Crash that jet in pieces
you’d like to see him as many.

Hurt them as much as how you’ve felt.
It does not make you a
bad person.

Recreating your divinity
does not make you

It makes you human.

So the next time you’re told,
“It’s not always about you”,
you ask ‘em:

“Why not?”


Poetry written by Sat Riddle for International Poetry Day
21st of March, 2016