A Poem To Spark Up Your Wanderlust For That Certain Somewhere

Illustration by Tracy Hetzel

Illustration by Tracy Hetzel


I have an urge

to be


where I’m not.


I want to be

a vagabond,

a bird of passage,

a wanderer,

an adventurer. 


I want to wake up

in a city that isn’t mine

and to be lost

in a sea of

faces I don’t recognize.


I am in love

with the sounds of languages

I don’t understand

and the scents of

foods my tongue has never felt.


I have an urge

to be


that isn’t here.


I want to chase pavements

of streets I don’t know

the names of

and to explore towns

without maps to show the way.


I want to be somewhere

where I am a nobody;

to drift unplanned

and to take wrong turns

ending up 

in the middle of nowhere. 


I want to take

my backpack and go;

to return only when my shoes

are battered

and my suitcase

is filled to the brim

with memories

and stories.


I just have an urge

to be





Written by Jasmine Bhullar