A poem to make you remember what fearless felt like

Painting by  Eric Zener

Painting by Eric Zener

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Would you go up to the boy you like and ask him out?
Or would you just go and rob a bank?
What would you do if you were not afraid?
Would you strip naked and run free in the forests, wind tearing at your hear and the leaves brushing against your skin?
Would you peel down all your layers one after another until nothing remained but the soul.
Raw, sensitive and pink
Innocent and vulnerable, honest and pure.
Would you bring his head close up against your breast
And smother him with your love,
As your eyes look deep into his, undressing him with your nakedness.

What would you do if you were not afraid?
Would you run away from home, into the wild?
Like an animal off to seek his own?
Would you travel to countries unknown and meet people unfound?
Would you speak a foreign tongue or would you choose to move your hands, this way and that,
Until you were understood.
Would you live on the streets, eat off the waste, breathe off the air exhaled by him you met outside the dreary old pub?
Would you satiate yourself the good old physical way,
Throwing away all emotional chatter and attachment?
Would you move from city to city, town to town, field to field,
A bag slung here, a bicycle stolen there.
Hitch hiking, unafraid, with a knife to get you by.

Would you smile at strangers, share your limited cash with the needy?
Or would you mingle with a bunch of other travellers
Sharing stories deep into the night?
Waking up with a smile, a hickey and a couple of happy aches?
Would you pack your bag and race to the next destination,
For more adventure, more love, more pain and more learning?
Tell me, would you love unconditionally, dream outrageously, and write incessantly?
Would you fall in love with mankind instead of man,
And give birth to happiness, so that all can revel in it instead of just a few?
Would you build a house using air, water and sunlight?
And treat the universe as your home?

Submitted to ArtParasites by Schivany