Animaris Umerus, Scheveningen beach, The Netherlands

Animaris Umerus, Scheveningen beach, The Netherlands



After all the billions of years of living beneath the sea,
we have evolved to carry the ocean within us.

You can taste it in your blood, sweat and tears.

When a woman bears a child, it grows in a womb filled with water salty like the sea by almost exactly the same amount.

There is a tiny ocean inside her body, necessary for the survival of the life it is carrying.

The first time I moved in the womb was when my pregnant mother went swimming in the sea.

Ocean met ocean and there was an instant recognition on an unconscious level between the unfathomably huge and unknown body of water on earth,
and the tiny sea inside a woman,
bearing my unborn self.

My love for water comes from a time before birth,
but my understanding and veneration of its ultimate power only developed years later.
The ocean will never be dangerous to me, because I submit to it.

We emit the same frequency and are made of the same thing.

How can two bodies of water refuse one another?

We are structured to become one whenever we are near, to move as a unit together.

By instinctively understanding the way it pulls and moves and crashes,I will always be safe in its grasp.

Isabella Hulme