A Poem To Grant Your Love A Wish

Album Cover of ゆめ by Lamp

Album Cover of ゆめ by Lamp

I have had lovers
sitting at an arm’s length
talking about
the color of my hair,
or their fears
but their voice dissolves
in the space
between us
it never reaches me.

I have had lovers
tell me,
that their world
was a plant
which needed my love
to grow,
the same ones
who wrote
63 different flaws
in 28 different languages
as to why
I wasn’t enough

It is strange,

that tonight,
we sit smiling
and we are 16
by midnight.
I haven’t seen you,
in a year
or maybe ten
but it all fits.
It always does, with us.

So, gasp
gasp as I kiss you
across my seas
of mere abandon.
You are sitting right here
and we are silent
like we’ve been
all these years
but we’ve survived
and you don’t need to speak
for me to hear you.

Tomorrow, we’ll part
no tears, no remorse.
And in a year
or ten
in another corner,
of another world

Our love
will find its way,

Isn’t this the greatest love?


Poetry written by Sayan Sen
for International Poetry Day,
21st of March, 2016