A Poem To Grace Your Wanderlust With Self Discovery

Photography by Mitch Cox and Cleo Cohen

Photography by Mitch Cox and Cleo Cohen

I want to pack,
my universe,
in three-and-a-half boxes,
of memories
buy a ticket to a place,
i have heard or seen,
in a long forgotten dream,
i once had with you,
and leave,
just like that.

I want to be swept,
across distances,
not on the face of this earth,
but across,
your eyes
carrying with me
only those boxes,
which speak of you,
rather than me.



I want to travel
the landmasses
on your bare back,
to fall in the crevices,
of your heart,
the ones you said,
were made a little deeper,
by every person,
who’d once made you whole,
but ended leaving.

I want to kiss,
every creek,
on your body
hoping to one day
navigate my way
to the place
where you lock
the moments you’ve
cherished the most.

I don’t know
where the edge of grace, is,
but for me,
that place inside you,
is where my world ends.

And begins.


Poetry written by Sayan Sen
for International Poetry Day,
21st of March, 2016