A Poem For The Silence That Defines Us

"Blow your mind" - Drawing by   Moonassi

"Blow your mind" - Drawing by Moonassi

I’ve always felt
that words,
are the weakest form
of communication,
as if there is,
a need
to fill the silence
between us.

As if the soundless medium
that holds you and me
is dangerous.
As if it will engulf
whatever love
still lives
in the backrooms
of our aging hearts.


"Hearing hearing" -  Drawing by Moonasi

“Hearing hearing” – Drawing by Moonasi

We can’t bear
the silence,
gnawing into our skin
attacking, preying
on our leftover sanity.
So we use words,
to counter it,
break it,
not let it take over.

But I’ve known
true companionship
as one which needs
no words or directions
to fall into place.
I’ve known
true belonging
as one which is comfortable
in sharing
and silences.

Maybe that is the way
it is meant to be.
Because in the end,
the words
will fade.
and the only thing
that’ll remain
quiet and beautiful,
is our silence.

Without my words, dear
Will you still love me, then?


Written by Sayan Sen