A Poem About The Woman You Loved Because She Was Poetry In Motion Herself

Photography by  Irina Gache

Photography by Irina Gache

You loved a girl whose eyes were pools and when she walked her dress made miracles at every step.
You loved a girl so cinematic
Her lips could have sucked in all the smoke in the room
And still look like a bitten carnation.

I met this girl once
I remember the way she sipped her wine
Made me nervous
I remember her shrugged smile and small teeth
When I asked
How long have you two been together?
There was silence
And then you came
Nobody answered the question
So it floated away through thin air
Up to this day

When I saw her again,
She was smaller

The same rabbit heart in a red dress
Bargaining a smile for a stranger
You loved a girl who cut down all losses
Like cutting flowers from midwaist
And I watched her wave at me
Pass by in full blown technicolor
Sip her wine with smaller teeth
Smaller hands
Small feet tucked in small emerald sandals

I wondered
Does leaving make you smaller
Or does it come from loving a shade of a memory in motion?

Ioana Cristina Casapu is the Managing Director of Art Parasites Magazine. She likes Brian Eno, airports and never says no to a good old Gin&Tonic. 

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