A Poem About The Superstitions We Let Rule Our Lives

Painting by  Serge Marshennikov

Painting by Serge Marshennikov

Superstitions are just unanswered prayers
God being anyone willing listen
A mother, a father, a brother, a lover
I once knew this girl who told me
If you wish hard enough it will come true
The brain is powerful that way
I asked then doesn’t that mean that we have the ability to answer our prayers ourselves
No she replied
Because in order to do that we have to listen to ourselves and THAT is the human’s kryptonight
To divulge the information and needs that have been plaguing us yet we tuck them away in a dark corner in our brains
Only allowing those who will truly listen to reveal them
We can’t be honest with ourselves because then we feel alone
In a world full of people
To be honest with themselves
Yet inst it ironic
We can spill our problems and dreams
Our most secret precious thoughts
To a greater power we can not even fathom
Yet we can not divulge this same information to the body and mind we have been given for our entire existence
Because God is anyone willing to listen
A mother a father a brother a lover
We can open ourselves to someone else
Yet we can not allow ourselves to sit and listen to our own minds and hearts
Because of our fear that if we do
We will have no protection
No security blanket to fall back on
Of the made up lies we tell ourselves to counteract the harsh reality of living
But living is pain
And love
And every thing in between
And we cannot truly LIVE until we accept who we are
Until we can listen to ourselves
Un judgingly
And fully
Superstitions are just unanswered prayers
A hope that we can one day hear ourselves
And that we can be our own saviours.

Written by Sam Lopez