A Poem About Failure, Mediocrity And The Decision To Happily Live Life Outside Society’s Standards

Painting by  Hanneke Benadé

Painting by Hanneke Benadé

Congratulations on your job.
I’m sure it will work as it’s all it is – work.

Job and work, not the same things. You treat them the same as if hoping, that after a while they will become blurry and one. Look in a dictionary of your own world. A job is where your heart stands. Work stands for surviving only. It is a way to the job, the journey you won’t take. Changing the circumstances of living changes your thinking. Don’t let yourself down.

Remember what you are. As you walk with the plate and pour champagne for the rich, remember: I know the money is enough and you get to go out. Enjoying your life. The artist’s life. You’re not an artist until you become your job. Don’t let the easy hours and easier life make you forget who you really are.

Two years will pass and you will still smile at the same people doing the same things, saying you’re just an artist. Making his own way. How does it feel that it could be you, sitting there, accepting the cake straight from oven of the broken dreams? Keep pouring champagne and let them tell you ‘good work champagne pourer‘, as it’s all it is.

Congratulations on your baby.
I’m sure you will be happy as now you have to.

Not knowing who you are, you have to know for three people now. Walk the streets so proud because you created something, unintentionally. Family cries with happiness as if it was meant to be. But the family isn’t here, when it cries and wants the whole world which you cannot give because you, well, haven’t seen it yet.

That one day you will look at it with no love for a second- don’t blame you. Actually, do. It’s all your fault and you hate yourself for suddenly you see, you could be some place else. How does it feel that your life is over before it started? I wish you all the happiness only because your happiness will grant its happiness. The innocent one that didn’t ask you for that.

Painting by Anna Madia

Painting by Anna Madia

Congratulations on your wife.
Your parents must me so proud. 

You’re so young and she’s innocent, is that all we need? Getting used to a drink doesn’t mean you will be an alcoholic for life. You can always try to back down, you think that already as you walk into the bar, and see all of the drinks laid out, all looking so delicious and cheap to buy. How does it feel to know you’ve only tried one?

Can’t become a vegetarian. If you’re born a tiger, you still want to hunt. And you are a young tiger that didn’t have time to learn. I give you one year and you will fulfil your true nature. I’m sorry for her and happy at the same time – for I know- it’s not me. I will only take on a mature predator, not hungry any more but one that wants to spend his life going after one.

At my work I remember I’m nothing and that is nothing.
I do smile at people, yes

As they are what I am- smart, knowing what life holds in its warm safe arms. Not bringing myself down because I am already low, appreciating that it won’t let me forget who I am, who I want to be, who I will be, what I am fighting for. No, I am not fighting for the chicken to be hot, although it is my home and my chicken family protects me like my own would, cheering every day, waiting to be really proud and they know the day comes.

So congratulations on my work. It’s all it is, I think, as I stand aside and smile and check if the chicken is OK. And I don’t wish for something cleaner or smarter even though I am smart, but no. Congratulations on my work, dirty and terribly paid, make me feel like nothing. In the world where you have to be something.

When you stand there and do the most silly meaningless things, looking like one fat chicken in the uniform chosen by the ones up there who laugh because they have the power to make you a chicken. But you’re no chicken and you remember that there was worm and came butterfly, you are no chicken, you’re a big cock so start acting like one, remembering – it’s work, it’s all it is.

Painting by Katie O’Hagan

Painting by Katie O’Hagan

Congratulations on me being young and fabulous, no mum I’m not gay I swear.

I love men and their bodies on top of mine, giving them a power for one night, but one night only. If you want to be a powerful woman you have to keep some for yourself. No one likes a weak blade. Me married, no. Why would I want to let go? Of who I am until I meet the one who doesn’t fill in the gap because there are no gaps in human bodies, just us.

Call it being romantic, I call it being realistic, that’s my meaning of love. What really is love, I don’t know yet and I’m not in a hurry to find out for that will be the most beautiful secret to reveal in life.

Congratulations on my life.

Unknown author

Unknown author

Submitted to ArtParasites by Sonia Hadj Said