A Pledge For Kindness: How To Stop Competition, Discrimination And Embrace Love

Illustration via Mellwyn Joseph

Illustration via Mellwyn Joseph

When you get ill, lose someone or simply just put on the news and see all the wars and poverty, you might have thought the thought ”why”? Why is it like this when I know deep inside of me that it could be different? Is there’s a sadist running this world? One child is born to health and freedom (aka money) and another child is born to sickness and poverty. I refuse to believe in coincidences and that things just happen to happen like that for some people.

I believed in randomness for a while, simply that there are no laws in this universe and that we can just do whatever we want. It’s just all against all! May the strongest win! That is not true. When one start to see the world this way, one start to see the world in grey shades instead of all the beautiful colors that’s actually there.

I have a feeling in my heart that says that there is a meaning to all of it. The most important thing is that we listen to ourselves and learn how to recognize that inner voice (our conscience). But of course it’s smart to take a good advice from now and then. We don’t have to go out and make every single mistake out there when there are a few ”manuals” out there based on true experience.

I believe that the ”Why” comes to your life as a gift to bring back the colors to it. Slowly the colors return and slowly one starts to trust life again.

For me this why has made me think about the importance of being the change that I want to see. No one who hasn’t suffered HARD, not just being a bit sad, but really suffered the deepest pain a soul can feel will understand this. If you don’t understand, it’s ok. You don’t have to. I’m just sharing how my ”why” arose in my life.

About the picture, that is not unfair but it’s not right either. Will the kid with the ipad use that ipad to help the kid who’s eating from the ground? Let’s take a moment and think about it. Thank you.

Anja Nilsson is a Swedish writer and communication consultant with a background in fashion retail and a passion for art.