A Plastic World

Our planet is overrun with waste! It fills the streets, the oceans and the beaches - it’s even filling SAVVY Contemporary!

This interesting exhibition at SAVVY Contemporary looks at the plastic rubbish generated by our society. In the gallery Jan Kuck has built a swimming pool of plastic bags, into which visitors can take the plunge. This demonstrates the waste which we swim in everyday. The many, many plastic, unrecyclable bags from different international companies, all together at once and filling a pool makes you take a closer look at the consumerist wasteful society we inhabit!

The Beautiful Beach

The beach can be a beautiful day out, but 15 years worth of photographs from Steve McPherson and a tangled web of plastic, waste-filled netting from the sea by Pamela Longobardi, shows that it can also be a dirty day out! Steve McPherson’s photographs and display cases examine the rubbish he has found on English beaches in an almost scientific way. The wall of photographs of found and discarded or lost items which have been washed ashore range from a dolls head to a pregnancy test, whilst items he has collected are on display like objects of scientific research.

Drifting Waste

Pamela Longobardi’s web of sea-battered rope is a mess of plastic waste that has gathered in the ocean and got tangled in the netting. Walking under this huge web and looking at the photos of beach debris, you really do start to think about all the waste you see in the sea and on the beach. When you think about it, it is hard to think of a time when you haven’t seen some sort of plastic waste drifting next to you in the water or next to your sand castle on the beach!

What are we going to do with all the waste that is just hanging around out there, cluttering the oceans, beaches, streets and galleries! It’s a tricky subject but the exhibition really does get you thinking about it.

 SAVVY Contemporary Group Exhibition “Packet Soup” May 6th – June 2nd 2012, Tue – Sun: 4-8pm