A Philosophy Of Love

Painting by Alex Alemany

Painting by Alex Alemany

There is no such happiness without suffering, for it is only during a night in a windowless room that we seek sunlight by dawn.

If your mind is a flurry of chaos ― anger, sadness and confusion bubbling and intermingling, then I advise you to leave it be. Silence can only be heard after the noise. 

If you consider yourself deeply fascinated by another human being, I beg and hope that you never lose yourself in the midst of swimming through their joys, fear and regret, their life. 

Love with a love that seeks to build a house on your ring finger. Love with a love that fires up cold December evenings to those of a summer noon. And if your love does not seek to find yours enough, don’t leave just yet. Let it grow inside you like a cancer eating every aspect of your thoughts and dreams.

Let it break you for a night so that in the morning you rise anew.

Love with a love that destroys your rough edges, however painful it might be. It stings and it will make you writhe and cry but it is only through destruction that we recreate ourselves.

Painting by Alex Alemany

Painting by Alex Alemany

When you are loved by another, do not drown in the comfort of their acceptance. Do not beg for more than they can give. Do not wish for them to love you more than you can ever promise to. You see, when you are loved by another, your nightmares will be fairytales to their ears. Your promises, intoxicating. Your skin, a warm lick of honey.

It is quite terrifying to be loved by another human being. You have their hearts on your hands, their hopes on your lips. Fairly enough, it is quite terrifying to love another human being when they do not look twice at your trembling hands or searching gaze. Desire and envy will take root in you heart ripping out pieces of who you were.

Love is man’s destruction and consolation.

And to never love is to never have lived at all.

Written by Cie Miraflor