A One Sentence Message to Everyone Who Made Me The Woman I Am Today

Painting by  Codruța Cernea

Painting by Codruța Cernea


To my parents on my first day of school:
I know you both teared up, I know I did not care either.

To the boy who kissed my cheek in KG1:
I went and told my grandma, how stupid was that?

To my KG2 teacher:
You made me believe that I was smart.

To my sister when she was born with teeth:
You scary little thing.

To my first grade teacher:
How strict you were scared everyone, I loved you for it.

To the friend who kept our “clique” together:
Sometimes I wish you never left.

To my grandma when she was raising me:
I know I was a handful, but I learnt how to read and write before everyone.

To the friend who got us all in big trouble:
Looking back, I knew who really meant a lot and who did not.

To myself when I wanted to grow up:
You grew up too fast.

To my 4th grade crush:
You were always so nice, and I was always so awkward.

To the girl I was not so nice to:
Mama always told me to be nice, but you weren’t nice either.

To the teacher who scolded me for ranking 4th on class:
Those expectations ruined me.

To my little sister when she was born:
You will always be my precious little gift.

To the math teacher that taught me more than numbers:
Impressing made me work so much harder.

To the friend who I always annoyed:
I truly am sorry, but I liked you a lot.

To the girl who helped me mask the blood stain on my school pants:
Sometimes it is the little things that count.

To the boy who liked me when I was “ugly”:
I never meant to be mean, I just grew older.

To my little sister when she cried when I was going to camp:
You taught me love in so many different shapes.

To my summer camp counselor:
I was a shy shy girl, and till this day I remember you.

To my summer camp leader:
A part of me shattered when I heard you passed last summer.

To my cousin when he passed away:
I remember when you played with me even when I was the youngest.

To my family during that tough time:
So many tears that were not enough.

To God when I stopped believing:
You can’t really blame me.

To my first kiss:
One day you didn’t notice me, then my hair grew longer and my waist grew smaller

To my sister when she started getting annoying:
I think you will always be annoying, but jeez you cried a lot. .

To my parents when they grounded me for 2 months:
You made all those problems so much worst

To the guy who ruined my reputation because I said No:
What if my brother did that to your sister?

To my “best friend” who called me a slut behind my back:
Of course I knew, I still stood there during your brothers wedding and your mothers tears.

To the guy who broke my heart a thousand time:
Till this day, I don’t really understand why?

To the boy who thought following me was a compliment:
You really stopped so much fear.

To the guy who gave my number out:
I hope you feel more complete now. .

To the friend I stopped talking to:
Moving schools should never be that bad, should it?

To my first real relationship:
I was not a great girlfriend, but my close friend?

To the man who harassed me when I was 12:
I hope it never happened to your daughter, wife, sister or mother.

To the boy I helped pass math in 9th grade:
We weren’t even friends and you took the fall for me.

To the boy who broke my heart but saved my life:
A part of me will forever owe you.

To my uncle who choose a woman over the entire family:
You taught to not trust anyone.

To my grandma before she passed:
I am sorry I didn’t call, I was scared if I did I will believe you were dying.

To the priest who thought I was not “religious”enough:
Are you sinless?

To my boss who thought he could whatever ha wanted:

To my friend who is like the brother I never had:
You were there when no one was.

To the guy I met last year and who became my closest friend:
I know whatever happens, even years from now, we are one phone call away.

To that old lady who thought being a girl meant I can’t study abroad:
You made me want to go at it even harder.

To the teacher who called me brilliant:
I really did not want to disappoint you.

To the rich boy who thought he could “get me”:
All the money in the world can’t buy the manners.

To my sisters now:
You saying I was a role model stopped me from doing so many stupid things.

To myself now:
You wish you can be 10 again don’t you.

To my parents now:
I never understood how much I loved you, till now.

To the guy I am in love with now:
Stop hurting me, you promised.

Submitted to ArtParasites by  Rand Ammary Azar