A Night With Sound Art

Do you hear voices? Whispers in the dark? Calls from the skies? Does something speak to you from the Beyond?  This Saturday evening, Mercy brings us “Electronic Voice Phenomena” at FEED Soundspace, a night of performance investigating these voices from beyond.  Electric Voice Phenomena promises us performance poetry, sonic art and new media performance. So with images of sirens singing and deep space transmissions, what exactly can you expect?

Expect the unexpected! Karl Heinz Jeron’s homemade robots will speak to each other on the topic of sonic space. A fantasy story will unfold according to chance. And Artist Annie Goh will be attempting to contact the spirit of Michael Jackson. Yes, that’s correct, the notorious one-gloved wonder will perhaps be in attendance. Which Michael Jackson will she be getting in touch with? Will it be afro-styling bell-bottomed Jackson 5 Michael Jackson?  Maybe post plastic surgery Heal the World Jackson? Or will it just be straight up Wacko Jacko? We’re not sure, but we’re itching to find out.

With 7 performances lined up and a late start time of 10pm, you can be sure the evening will pass into night with an eerie but fun atmosphere. Other sound artists that you can expect to impress are Antje Vowinckel and Alessandra Eramo. The bar’s open until 2am, so if the robots start to make you nervous you can knock back a few to settle your nerves. You never know, a robot takeover could be just around the corner. It is 2012 after all.

  • FEED Soundspace, Electronic Voice Phenomena – Saturday, August 18th 2012. Doors at 9pm.  Performances start at 10pm.  Bar until 2am. Entry €6.