A Message To Those Beautiful Women Who Constantly Feel Ugly

Painting by Francine Van Hove

Painting by Francine Van Hove

Dear fabulous fantastic feminine goddesses reading this,

When was the last time that you looked at yourself in the mirror and actually admired what you saw? In the world that we live in, things seem to constantly change. I figure our meanings of ‘beauty’ have changed too. Our media has barraged us with such hopeless thoughts of excellence, making you and I wish that we had bodies like those that we see in distinctive media outlets. Furthermore this dose of deterrence is regularly given every day. You criticize yourself as much as you can, and constantly lose hope each day, in desire of accomplishing what you see. Without a doubt, you have contemplated changing a part of your body, at least once. However what we see on screen is enhanced by Photoshop and editing skills. When did media become an authority on this?

Today, we define beauty with terms such as ‘thigh gaps’, ‘bikini bridge’, and ‘pro-ana,’ so as to please men. I read magazines, watch television, surf the internet and see women being objectified to things irrelevant, such as a piece of meat. I read a blog entry on ‘Skinny Gossip’ (a website which urges ladies to be thin), titled ‘Kate Upton is well marbled’ that mocked Kate Upton for her body. Who calls a woman a cow, even if for all as a joke? Women like us see Kate Upton and admire her for what she is, until such sickening posts tell us, that no – even she is a ‘FAT’ piece of beef. Thus, we have fallen so low for humans to be compared to a piece of meat.

The multi-billion-dollar businesses targeting weight loss are profit-driven at their best. These organizations rely on us trusting false ideas. This falsehood tells us that beauty comes in shape that anybody can achieve with enough money and time for the exertion. This defines the purpose of media imaging absurdly thin ladies all around the motion pictures, magazines and network shows. The media does the job of constantly glamorizing a slim body for you and I. We have started to define beauty with beauty goals of ‘thigh gap’, ‘bikini bridge’ and ‘flat stomach’; knowing the fact that it is really isn’t biologically possible for most of us to have them.

It is a long haul objective for media to bring in change to the way in which it depicts ladies. Indeed, I feel gorgeous already for many national and global endeavors have already started to take an action against this. The campaign #truthinads is one amongst them, where many apparel makers and brands have pledged to not Photoshop their models in their inventories. One such famous brand is American Eagle that followed this trend only to discover their sales growing massively after the pledge. And if this yet does not encourage the media outlets out there to stop using our sex to sell their products, I guess it is time for you to stop buying such mindless ideas from the society and the products that such high-quality brands have to offer to us. Nevertheless, is beauty a goal that can be achieved by spending more money?

Artwork by Minnie Morris, print available for purchase   here

Artwork by Minnie Morris, print available for purchase here

All things considered, it is not just the media that regularly puts you down, but it is also yourself. More ladies nowadays are endeavoring to wind up flimsy, keeping in mind the end goal to please men and to be viewed as legitimate and commendable. You see the blemishes in your reflection as opposed to the imperfect perfection. I figure you have overlooked that your appearance absolutely does not define your value. Since when did you let your outer shell characterize your female worth?

Trust me; your magnificence has nothing to do with your waist size, tallness or even your skin shading. Our general public has shelled us with such thoughts exemplifying how a wonderful lady of our general public must resemble. Be that as it may, your looks must not characterize you. So eat that chocolate frozen yogurt tub, purchase that little black dress, and wear that bright red lipstick shade that you have for the longest time been itching to. You are made in a way to do a great deal than just looking hot for the society. And you are more than just a bit of meat. It is time that we stop defining being fit as being skinny!

Photo by DaveHare, print available for purchase  here

Photo by DaveHare, print available for purchase here

You do not need a thigh gap to look sexy. You certainly do not need a bikini bridge to wear that neon bikini that you always wanted to. You do not need to be a pro-ana to get rid of that belly pooch. Because you are undoubtedly perfect without such society believed, beauty requirements.

Do not give the media outlets and our society the power to convince you that you are not beautiful! Because as Bruno Mars said, “Girl you are amazing just the way you are”.

Let us stop counting calories and start changing the world.

Be brave. Be true. Be you.


Written by Medha Khanna