A Meditation On Destruction

We all messed around with Lego blocks when we were kids, stacked our dirty dishes to build high towers, or created huge sandcastles at the beach. So is the desire to “build” something that we’re born with? The organizers of SUPERMARKT’s upcoming exhibition “Architecture as Human Nature” think so. But get ready to push the limit of construction and deal with the suspenseful aftermath of construction… the impulse to destroy what we create! Tonight, at the opening of the exhibition, you’re treated to just that. 

Opening tonight in Wedding, SUPERMARKT presents two floors and 600 m2 of space dedicated to photography, performance, video, and site specific installation investigating why we build what we build. Get ready for this group of international artists (from China to Israel) who will challenge your concept of what Architecture is, and more importantly, what it could be. Maybe you’ll be inspired to build a massive house of cards, stack your laundry pile sky high, or turn your apartment into a gigantic blanket fort!

So, what will we find there? A pinch of Bauhaus? A dash of Le Corbusier? A little Gaudi? Or, perhaps the whole institution of Architecture ripped apart at the seams. You know the story artparasites, there’s only one way to find out. So be there or be square!

  • SUPERMARKT Opening Party on Friday, August 3rd 2012 -7pm-10pm. Show runs through August 12th