A Match Made In Hell: Our Painful Love Story In The Middle East

Illustration by  Moonassi

Illustration by Moonassi


They met at a city, which was not their city
They fell in love with each other, in the east of Middle East.

She was stubborn
He was intimidating

She was wild
He was young

She bunked classes but was setting up her career
He finished college but was still unemployed

They tied the knot
The knot of marriage it was called

They started having problems
They started creating issues

Some rights were violated
Some fights were initiated

She wanted to fly in a different pace
He was holding her rope in a low place

For her that was not how love was supposed to be
For him that was how love was supposde to be

A decade of togetherness couldn’t hold them back
The love of their children couldn’t rescue them

The blame game was on
The love was gone

When on love they committed to stay forever together
How could fate be so cruel to part them away at once all together.

Submitted to ArtParasites by Tuba Fariduddin