A Manifesto For People Who Love Too Much

Artwork by Cecilia Cruz

Artwork by Cecilia Cruz

When people describe me, they say, “she loves too much, too deeply, beware of her”

They say it like it’s an insult, like a disclaimer for every man who enters my life. They say it like it’s wrong to love anyone with everything that you have.

I know, I get hurt a lot. I know, my pasts were never able to keep up, they treated all that I did as if they needed to repay me for it, and when they feel like they couldn’t they’d feel imprisoned. Sooner or later they’ll leave with the words, “your love is suffocating me, I can’t take it.”

So I often ask myself is it wrong to love anyone too much? Is it wrong to write them poems, draw their wonderful eyes, try to capture their souls and paint them into art? Is it wrong to give them surprises when you know they feel down? Is it wrong to write them letters just because you can’t contain the feeling? Is it wrong to dream of living your whole life with them? Is it wrong to include them in your prayers every minute? Is it wrong to miss them like a part of your soul is attached to them and you won’t be complete without it? Is it wrong to let one person be your inspiration? Is it wrong to not be frugal when it comes to loving? Is it wrong to feel happy because they’re happy? If not, then why do people say it like it’s wrong?

But then I met him. I met the man who loves more than I do. He treated me like I’m a fragile princess that needs the utmost care, but he always made me feel like I’m strong enough to be the Queen of the world. I met the man who accepts every inch of my love and turns it into a golden sun that shines on me. I met him and I realized the answer to my questions, it wasn’t wrong to love too much.

You just have to find the person who loves the exact same way as you.

Written by Cecilia Cruz