A Mad Scientist

As the countdown to Berlin Art Week continues, we’re bringing you another interview from a Preview Berlin artist who will be exhibiting at  Tempelhof Airport. This time it’s Luca Lanzi, an Italian artist whose large scale drawings and paintings are extremely imaginative, whimsical, and highly skillful. Lanzi’s work conjures up images of a mad scientist taking objects apart only to put them back together in strange ways. In some ways, we are reminded of a curious young boy taking toys apart and putting them back together with the grace and precision that only an adult could accomplish. Many of his pieces read like sketches of creatures in progress where a head has taken full form in the shape of a bunny rabbit or a chicken and had been attached to a loose drawing of an animal’s body on wheels. Muted and bright colors work together to give us these creations of baby dolls and rocking chairs.

So what work will Lanzi and his Gallery Lorch+Seidel bring to Preview  Berlin?  We can only wait and see. But until then, we’ve brought you an inside look into the mind of this fanciful draftsman!

BAPS: What are the themes you explore in your work??     

LL: I am interested in archetypal images, be they plants, animals, toys or tools.

BAPS: What is the definition of drawing for you??     

LL: Drawing is the artistic language of the primary image germination. It is sign, space, form, a rigorous research of synthesis, and an abstraction of metaphysical images of thoughts.

BAPS: What is your work process like?  Do you do a lot of planning or do you work spontaneously??     

LL: Drawing is for me a spontaneous language, which is enriched along the way. One image calls the next one. The easy management of drawing on small-size paper becomes the most suitable tool to transfer the thought immediately. The large format requires a project…

BAPS: What first got you interested in art??     

LL: I was interested in thoughts being translated into images.

BAPS: Do you have any long term art goals, or dreams you would like to fulfill??     

LL: I’m curious to see the progress of my work and where it will lead me in the end.

BAPS: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself and your artwork??  

LL: As well as in the drawing I work in sculpture and engraving.?        ?

BAPS: What are your expectations for Preview Berlin Art Fair??     

LL: Giving my work visibility and finding out the Preview-audience’s reaction to it.