A list of the men I have fallen in love with, illustrated

Photography by  Seanen Middleton

Photography by Seanen Middleton

I have fallen in love,
Many times
with men who have never touched my face.
Maybe the curve of a smile they left structured in my heart.
Men who let the ladies first when the door opens. Come on. That’s even a rule.
Men who let the women have their seats in packed up halls or rooms.
Men, like my father, who listen before they raise their voices.
Gustav Klimt by Egon Schiele

Gustav Klimt by Egon Schiele

Men who know a woman is a woman, never a female dog. Did someone say bitches?
Men who sometimes just let a woman sit and be beautiful .
Men who cuddle you regardless of whether the night was a rocky bliss.
Men who say hi beautiful, even when our faces are groggy from sleep ;
so you just smile sheepishly or grin with dismay.
Collage by Marcelo Monreal

Collage by Marcelo Monreal

Men, who are too ashamed to stand you up in the rain, who make it up for you, sooner enough because they know your worth.
Men who have the audacity to admit that they are in love. And introduce you as ‘My woman’.
Men who do not wait for you to borrow their jacket when it’s cold,
they know they are superheroes even through little gestures that are bold.
Men who are never afraid to pay the bill unless it’s your treat or they are totally broke or its a half split.
Men who know it’s unrequited. So they let you know then consequently stay away out of respect.
Photography by Daniel Barkley

Photography by Daniel Barkley

Men who screw up, know they have really screwed up and admit screwing up before waiting for fate to wheel them to their graves.
Men who say thank you, I am sorry or relax, I got you.
Men who know her water just broke, she needs a hospital.
Men who fuck a woman like she’s a gentle flower even if picked from a rusty dirty pub.
Men who abhor acting like sissies when toasting with women who have worked hard for their shit.
Men who will spend their last coin and buy gifts for their loved ones on special days risking a torturous penniless aftermath.
Men who know being a man is an honour. They walk into a room and oh man!
So full of Valor. Such men. I want them around me.

Milk Tears by Nadia Sarwar

Milk Tears by Nadia Sarwar

Submitted to ArtParasites by Laura Bosita aka Cyberg Gal