A Letter To My Ex: I Met Someone And Here’s Why I Want To Stick To Them

Artwork by  Anna Jensen

Artwork by Anna Jensen

This is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to tell you. But in the time that you were busy not being around, I’ve met someone. I wasn’t planning on it, I wasn’t looking for it, I probably didn’t even want it to happen… But happen it did.

I’ve met someone. They’re funny and nice and kind. Smart and even quite intelligent. They still like cartoons and secretly enjoy puns. They love all those wild nights out with their closest friends, but they would also just rather curl up at home with Netflix and a cheesy book, complete with some Chinese takeout (Seriously though, this should be considered a rite of passage.). They totally get the you-should-eat-healthy bit but I have yet to see them say no to chocolate cake. Mind you, this is a make-or-break deal.

They’re also a little insecure. Okay, maybe tons. But they’re open to understanding. Open to listening. They’re a little bit broken; slightly cracked. Flaming up in an instant but still forever up for a game of ClueDo with joyful abandon. Life with them sometimes resembles a train wreck. Laughter comes in waves; overwhelming. So do the sobs. Loud and heaving. But I don’t care. They’re important.

I’ve met someone and they’re special. Precious, even. An odd and endearing mixture of fragility and strength. Intelligence and determined naivety. I really quite like them. But the problem is, I don’t just want to stop here. I want to dig deeper. To reach inside and wrap myself up in the warmth of their soul. I want to find more. More to like and more to treasure. I want to discover who they are. And what makes them so beautiful.

I hope you will understand. I hope you will see why I need to get to know them better. I do love you. But lately, I’ve been so caught up in your storms that I simply couldn’t see the devastating wonder that was them. And now that you’re always gone, I’ve found them. And I just can’t let go. I’ve met someone and perhaps I’ve even fallen in love with them. They need to be loved. So desperately, miraculously love. And so, I hope you will understand when I say that I must go and be with them.

Because you see… That someone is me.

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