A Home Away From Home

This week we will be presenting an inside look into some of Berlin’s finest art collectives. Art collectives offer a space for artists to live and work together – allowing their creative juices to flow, mingle and tangle with other resident artists. Photographer Fede Graciano and BAPS writer Morgan Meaker took to the city streets to discover the future of the Berlin’s art communities. What they found was a natural progression away from squats and into the realms of legality; join them as they discover the blossoming buildings of a new generation of art and culture. First up: Here is a look inside the Homebase Project, Morgan reports…

Take a trip outside of your ordinary Berlin perimeters and find the Homebase Project in a sleepy corner of Pankow. From the outside the building is bleak and non-descript, silent aside from the flags which hang out of its large and shabby windows. As I sit with the figure heads of the project, Adrian talks about the drive that forces people wide eyed into the world, far away from where they would once call home. Nikki and Heather sit in silent agreement, for these three expatriates home now is merely a subjective term; a post it note that gradually loses its grip the more places it is stuck. From Argentina, The Netherlands and Seattle these are three of the people that form the Homebase Project as it stands today; more than an “art community,” it is three people’s projection of home, complete with a fluid, hand-picked family.

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