A Father’s Inspiring Letter To His Son, About Marriage, Being Gay And Living Freely

Painting by  Jose Silva

Painting by Jose Silva

To my future son,
As if, men are stone cold,
As if, men don’t cry
As if, hetero-normative patriarchy is a blessing to straight men;
Remember son,
Not everything in life comes with a name.
Love her, and let her love you, without ever expecting, giving your relationship a name
The best things in life comes unedited.
If necessary, be like your grandpa’s old pendulum.
It is necessary to edit things, but, never try editing them
Never feel guilty;
unless you have done something to someone,
that in turn had happened to you,
would leave you shattered.
Grab a joint at times; it helps!
Never do something, just because every fucking person
around you expects it from you
It’s the hardest thing, to ever get liberated from.
Contrary to popular beliefs, they are great women.
Note: Reactionarism and feminism never go hand in hand.
Raising a family must not be the ultimate goal in life.
It’s perfect to break the heteronormative barriers, and be gay
Submitted to ArtParasites by Sharanya Gupta