A Different Eye Appointment

The Grimmuseum had its opening party for “X O” on Thursday…what an exhibition! The word “crazy” comes to mind, in a good way! Don’t expect to find the usual at the exhibition which aims to show you that which you don’t see or put a new perspective on something. Sounds strange right? Parts of it were strange but other parts made complete sense! Pia Linz explores the literal field of vision in “Blickfeldprojektionstudie”. The huge charcoal sketch on paper looked like a magnificent bird and the “wing-span” was so wide it really did test your eyes.

Out of sight out of mind

Phanos Kyriacou’s “Accumulation of leftovers” showed the remnants of a project. Down a rickety staircase I came to the cellar with his works in it. Which bits were art and which bits were storage was confusing. I had to come to the conclusion that it was all part of the installation. The “clutter” in the cellar, reminded me of my cellar at home where things that we don’t know what to do with or have passed their purpose get piled up on top of one another in a precarious manner be it wood, paint or carpet.

Hanging in the balance

Everything was placed on top of something else, even the make-shift ceiling was hanging in the balance, held up by wooden blocks and even a crushed buttermilk carton seemed to be helping support the structure. The things down here, including an overripe speckled banana, have either been forgotten or shoved down here out of sight.

Lovely bubbly

Leaving the cellar I entered a labyrinth-like tunnel. The exposed piping and crumbling walls seemed apt for the theme of the exhibition. Crouching my way through the creepy dark tunnel I arrived in an even darker room with one source of light in the centre. The source of this light was a bubble machine creating and maintaining a soapy bubble which looked like an illuminated orb. Jan Vormann’s “Seifenblasenlebenserhaltungsmaschine” was captivating and created the ultimate bubble, releasing the child inside who still finds the past-time of bubble blowing exciting!

Vegetable news at 10 o’clock

On and on the excitement went from quirky museum cabinets containing irregular objects like a broken knife, burnt papers and a bottle of woodchips to crazy constructions and a weird wooden installation which was making the floor shake like a mini-earthquake. One of the craziest was Kara Uzelmann’s extended radio. The radio had no conventional aerial and was instead transmitting noise to a beer can through various objects such as keys, foil and a potato. Hold on a sec! A potato? A real, natural potato and it was even starting to sprout as if to prove its point! Who knew science could be art and potatoes electric! The potato got me thinking about food in a different way….a hungry way! So after tearing myself away I headed to “il Ristorante Medel”, a potato-free zone!

  • Grimmuseum Group Exhibition –  “X O” , April 13th – May 13th 2012, Wed – Sat: 2pm – 7pm