A Balancing Act

Thousands of people squeezed into the KW Institute to celebrate the celebration of art. However, this somehow didn’t feel like an art exhibition, maybe because the balance was leaning so heavily towards the politics side.

Occupy Art

On entering the site political flyers are flying about and campaigning for various views. The Biennale has been occupied by the occupy movement and I wasn’t sure which “pieces” were there as the art and what was there for an evening of campaigning.

More Art Less Talk

The 7th Berlin Biennale is curated by Artur ?mijewski who believes heavily in the relationship between art and politics and I was therefore expecting the politics, however I found it a little hard to see a lot of art in the exhibition. It was nonetheless a thought-provoking evening. I would be tempted to go again to see what the exhibition is like without the crowds and campaigners, but maybe thats the point of it?

Check out the photos from the opening:

Kw institute, 7th berlin biennale, berlin, art
Lost in politics!

kw institute, art, berlin, exhibition, opening
A giant key, wheres the giant door? 

 berlin, art, kw institute, 7th berlin biennale
Art on every wall!

kw institute, berlin, art, 7th berlin biennaleFull House!

 kw institute, berlin, art, 7th berlin biennaleA full house = a game of sardines!

KW Institute Group Exhibition “7th Berlin Biennale” April 27th – July 1st 2012, Tue – Sun: 12 – 7 pm, Thu: 12 – 9 pm