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Ioana Cristina Casapu is the Managing Director of Berlin Art Parasites. Journalist, creative director and fashion photographer. She began experimenting with Polaroid film in 2013. Her work was featured in Cake Magazine (UK), Confashion (PL), JUTE (US), Polaroid of the Day (ES), Feature Shoot, Cultartes and others. She is the co-owner of Retro Future media […]

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How can I go on like this?

What I fear about this poetry is the cadence Of rhythm breaking life long sentences That grant no parole, but solitary solace Swift climax, the far and few between That raise the bar of expectation so ever Slightly above your chin it almost makes Ones present gasp for air or grasp for Their lives as […]

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Words that tingle. A hands-on approach to sexting

This is not an X rated text, yet it’s sprinkled with so many double-entendres it should feel like it’s speaking in tongues. It’s the story of how I never met this girl I have had a huge online crush on for a couple of years, yet recently, completely out of the Facebook blue, we’ve been […]

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