7 Things To Make Sure Of Before You Fall In Love

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Gif by unknown creator

1) You should be happy in your own skin and not be looking for love just to get rid of loneliness. You should have moved on from your Ex 100%, how much time that requires varies from person to person, you know you have when you are happy without them.

2) The same applies to them, they should not be broken. Do not trick yourself into thinking you will be their saviour. NO. It does not work that way. Each of us are our own saviours and it will always stay that way. You can give them time, sure, you can throw them a rope if they’re drowning, but do not get into the water yourself. Do not open yourself up before someone like that, keep your distance.

3) The person of your love interest and you should be in the same wavelength. Neither them nor you should try to change each other or yourselves. You should be compatible with each other.

4) Practicality matters. Think logically before you make emotional leaps. Think of long-term effects. For example – you just got to know the person is flying out of the country for 2 years in the next month, hold back, don’t let yourself fall for someone who’s not going to be available for you. I can’t stress enough on the importance of physical and emotional availability at the time of forming a bond. A strong foundation goes a long way in keeping the relationship from falling apart.

5) Make sure to communicate to each other what you’re looking for. And go forward only if you both want the same. Do not settle for anything less. Though it may seem attractive at that hour it will have frustrating effects in the long run.

6) From the beginning make sure the relationship is bidirectional. Do not chase after someone. No matter how tempting it may seem, chasing after someone will never do any good to you. In the end you’ll only feel toyed with. A broken toy.

7) Last but not the least, do not be the other woman (or man). Practice these while dating to save yourself from potential heartbreaks. And to restrain yourself from breaking hearts (and the guilt that follows).

Written by Brinda P.R.