7 Life Hacks For Everyone Who Questions The Meaningfulness of Life

Photo by  Bhumika Bhatia

Photo by Bhumika Bhatia

1. Our roles in the society are pretty much decided from the moment we’re born, we are wrapped in pink or blue blankets according to what our gender is, it just starts there and never stops. The most important thing to remember is that we have to talk about the sensitive topics, because if we DON’T, they’ll turn into a taboo topic and we have quite enough of them apparently.

2. Another important thing to remember is you can start a revolution in this society by doing the most simple yet hardest thing: by being yourself. Yes, that’s the most powerful weapon any and every one of has but have forgotten about it. In a society that tells us to just be ourselves but always has that “no, not like that” line attached to it, it is THAT we have to fight against. Question that. Question EVERYTHING. Don’t be afraid of the answer. Somewhere along the line we stopped asking questions, we stopped wanting the answers because we were scared of what they might say, but not anymore. When does someone, ANYONE, say “ENOUGH!”? When?

3. We have instructions for every task, every turn, every crossing, every THOUGHT! We all know what we have to do, we know how we MUST behave, we all have our roles assigned to us, but BY WHOM? Who told you that if you’re a girl, you can’t wear “something”? Or who told you cannot cry because you’re a man? That is bullshit. We’re humans first and men and women later. Who says we have to be segregated first and then treated later? Every one of us is EQUALLY powerful; equally important. Regardless of our religious affiliation or our country borders or our GENDERS, we’re all one. I am writing this, you are reading this, we might be in different countries but we’re here right now and we’re looking at the same thing and that’s what it’s all about. The difference between us is no difference at all. Do you see?

4. The freedom that we look for, that we flaunt, that we’re proud of, it’s becoming an ILLUSION as time flies by. What are we free to do? If we can’t be ourselves, what is the use of it all? You can give me education rights and then tell me I can’t question the text we’re being taught? How is that freedom? I want to QUESTION you, I want to question everything! Give me answers! I’m young, I’m hungry, I’m thirsty for knowledge. Why doesn’t anybody ever answer? Why won’t you let us breathe? How can you tell us to be fearless and then curb our curiosity because it feeds your ignorance. Question EVERYTHING, my friends! “WHY?” “WHY?” “WHY?” Don’t be afraid. Start being children again. Why did you stop asking questions?

5. Being yourself is the ONLY way you can stand up against the society that is trying so damn hard to turn you into something they want. Don’t fall victim to that. Don’t die like that. You are a burning flame that NEVER goes out, we can set the world on fire, each one of you, each ONE of us, don’t let someone who doesn’t know the real value of things tell you you’re trash. Someone like that is only telling you that’s what they think about themselves. KNOW who you are, KNOW what you want to do, go and DO IT. Stand up, stand up, stand up. What are you waiting for? This is the sign that you were waiting for. Something needs to change, is that something going to be you? Are you as fed-up as I am? Do you want to know what freedom tastes like? BE YOURSELF. How many times have you heard these two words? How many times have you decided that you’ll “TRY” to be yourself but you gave up. Try again, and again and again. There is beauty, there is bravery, there is FREEDOM in trying again and again. Being yourself isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. The one that will end with you being SO in peace with yourself, it’s like you’ll have an immunity bubble around you and NOBODY can touch you. Nobody can alter you to suit their needs. BE YOURSELF, man. Wear your war-paint, ‘cause we’re in a battle. For ourselves, for the coming generations.

6. Love what you LOVE, wear what you WANT to wear, kiss whoever you WANT to kiss, say what you want to say, QUESTION EVERYTHING! Why can’t you have “something”? Why you? Who says you can’t? Probably answers will be like “Well, you JUST CAN’T! Nobody does that. Have you seen somebody like that?” Well, you’ll be the first then. We’re all dying, we’re dying, at least fight for something worthwhile while we’re here. Fight for yourselves. You are the ONLY thing you can save, right now and forever. It’s okay to fight for yourself. You have to say, “Enough!” when it gets too much, you have to say “NO!” when you’re forced to say yes,  you have to say “YES!” when everybody is nodding no. Breathe, breathe. We’re so busy dying, we forget to live. Don’t limit yourselves, we’re unlimited. These aren’t just words, I wish I could show you how infinite you are. You really are. The things you could do if only you put your mind to it. Save yourself, save your dreams. Save your life. It’s the only one you’ll have as you.

7. Words are weapons, I am told. How true that is. Use them to defend yourselves, use them to defend others, use them to fight back. But never the wrong ones. Don’t kill people with your words, save them. There are so many already dying because of the wrong ones. Be the change you wish to see, Gandhi said. Be the change, guys. Be yourself. That is the simplest yet the hardest thing in the world. Liking what you like despite everyone hating it, is freedom. Let yourself breathe, man. Open the locks that you’ve put on your soul for so many years. It’s alright. Don’t be afraid of people not getting what you’re about, don’t think what THEY think about you. What they think is their choice, what you show them is yours. Don’t forget that. At the end of the day, the ONLY person who should be happy with you, is YOU. Nobody else. Start small and keep going up, keep going up. Start to know yourself. How many favourite colours you have, which are your favourite days of the week, which is your favourite route home and other small things. Be kind, be kind, be kind. To yourself. You can be strong even if you cry. Don’t wipe your tears. Don’t wish you were thinner, don’t wish you were fairer, don’t wish you were BETTER. Work with what you’re given, find the reasons why you are the way you are. You are beautiful/ handsome, yes you are, you are insightful and courageous, you are a part of the change, are you ready?

Submitted to ArtParasites by Oshin Ahlawat