6 Artists Who Have Changed The Face Of Instagram

Animated Artwork by Kajetan Obarski

Animated Artwork by Kajetan Obarski

When I feel sad or down, alone or tired, I start looking for some kind of art to feed my soul or help me out of that state.

I am not always in the mood for museums or the cinema, and that’s why I am happy to live in the tech era, when everything is one click away.

While surfing the net in search of artists to feed my personal urges and needs, I found some great people that I now follow on Instagram. And because we live in the share, like, follow, and pin era, I thought of sharing with you a few thoughts on their work and artistic creed:

  1. Laura Makabresku

Laura Makabresku is a visual artist and photographer who lives in Krakow. I immediately fell in love with her art. She brings fairy tales and symbols into real life moments and challenges each one of us to find the deeper meaning that suits us. She combines surrealistic aesthetics with life moments, such as eroticism and death, and she is not afraid to express pain and cruelty.

“I have hardly anything in common with myself.” – Laura Makabresku

  1. Eugenia Loli is a filmmaker and a modern vintage collage artist who lives in California. Every scene in her collage has a story. `Sometimes the scene is witty or sarcastic, sometimes it’s horrific with a sense of danger or urgency, sometimes it’s chill. I leave it to the viewer’s imagination to fill in the blanks of the story’s plot. `


The artist has an astonishing imagination! She combines different themes in perfect artworks (have I told you that I absolutely adore galaxy themes?), brings drama and color, women and love stories so close to the viewers, and challenges them to open their minds and become part of the story.


She is bold and creative and constantly surprises me with her work!
Love her!

  1. Lee Jeffries

`What I do is photograph emotions`, said Lee Jeffries in a CNN interview. And he does it pretty damn well! I often take the train to work and sometimes, in the morning, as I scroll down the Instagram newsfeed, I find myself staring at Lee Jeffries’ portraits. The artist is best known for his “Homeless” series, a project that he self-funded to raise awareness and donations for those living on the streets. His powerful images are all over social media.



What I think he does with his talent and power is to bring the viewer into the universe of the character he is photographing. You simply can’t remain untouched by those faces, those eyes, those one frame stories. He breaks the barriers between social classes and reminds us that, in the end, we are all humans.


  1. Kajetan Obarski


`My name is Kajetan Obarski and I make short animations. You might find them funny but, to be frank with you, I’m a dead serious person,` reads the artist’s Bio.

I have to admit that his artworks are a guilty pleasure of mine. I first saw an animation of his that had Magritte’s characters in it and wanted to see more of his work. Instant addiction.

He would like to transform this passion into a full-time job: `to make short animations to show you my true love to mankind, art nihilism, and totally random stuff that I extremely love to create.` And he promises to share them completely free. You can help him do that, here.


Meanwhile, you can enjoy his dark and twisted humour…

Read an interview with the author: https://dionisopunk.com/2016/03/07/kiszkiloszki/

  1. Zio Ziegler

Zio is an American artist best known for his patterned paintings and large-scale murals. His work is spread all over the U.S., Europe, and Asia, and is influenced by late medieval and quattrocento painting, aboriginal, African and native art, as well as the European graffiti movement.

His murals are impressive both due to their size and to his attention to detail. His subject matter reflects the human condition and he often gets inspired by Literature, French Modernism, and Architecture.

 `Painting is my attempt at self-understanding. I create an experience for the viewer that parallels my own search in creation. This process, my examination, is a constant balance between reason and intuition. I make in order to understand, to explain what has been made. `


He offers the viewer the chance to escape from the everyday routine into a complex universe. He is constantly challenging people to pay closer attention to details and stories, to stop and observe, and to take what they need for their own journey of self-discovery.

6. Yayoi Kusama
Yayoi Kusama inside her Infinity Mirrored Room installation.

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist and writer. She is 87 and is a remarkable figure in the pop art movement. She is intense, using minimalism and psyched colours, always breaking boundaries, and moving forward with her art.

Yayoi Kusama_1

I discovered Yayoi Kusama’s art a few years ago when visiting `The Museum of Fine Arts` in Nancy, France. I had the chance to enter her universe via one of her greatest installations: `Fireflies on the Water`, a dark room full of mirrors and lights. I said to myself that if heaven exists I hoped it looked and felt like that.

Roxana Andrei escaped her real life feeding herself with fantasies and others’ stories. In a constant battle with herself and the world.  Always wanting more from the Universe. In a constant pursuit of freedom. Sometimes too impulsive and sometimes too depressed, never in the right way. Anxious and unsettled. Stubborn and impatient. Overall, she wants to be a good person. Wants to expose her deepest fears, thoughts and emotions. Maybe somewhere, someday, someone, will find all this useful.