5 Surfer Babes You Need To Meet In Siargao Island



We all daydream about it – lounging under a palm tree, cold beer and book in hand, the ocean’s emerald-clear waters seductively inviting, sun-kissed skin without a worry in the world!

These surfer hotties embody that paradise life and more (think “The Beach” but way cooler). Siargao Island, Philippines is the place to be if you like genuinely happy people, a tight-knit community, and parties and waves for days.

If you’re ever around town, make sure to catch these beautiful humans catching the perfect wave or let them teach you the art of chilling out.

Trust me, they’ll add an extra splash of sunshine to your vacation:

  1. Louise Isobel

louise isobel

Still hung-up on work and wanna get in the zone of relaxation? Trying to achieve inner peace but can’t? Find Louise or her alter ego Lili. She’s the island’s favorite yoga instructor and we joke she does yoga even when riding a wave (there’s a 50-50 chance she actually is). Whether you want to brush-up your headstand or want to be introduced to the language of Asana, Lili is your go-to zen master.


I am a Yoga Teacher. I teach Yogic Movement and Meditation at the Lotus Shores Siargao, the island’s only dedicated Yoga and Surf Retreat.


Surfing is very much a part of my personal Sadhana, the Sanskrit word for a discipline undertaken with the intention of transcending the ego-mind that is bound by time and separated from every other living being. I have no doubt all surfers experience transcending regular, every day consciousness when they are in the water. To be able to flow with the ocean, one must be able to quiet his/her mental monologue. It is the same if we are to find real peace in our lives.


The scent of freshly laundered bed sheets and clothes is my absolute favorite!


At the Lotus Shores, Purok 5 General Luna, Siargao Island 8419.

  1. Midras Mel Montealto Sarabia

Everyone knows “Midas.” Nicknamed after a king because of his magical guitar-touch, go to an acoustic party and you’ll be sure to see him jamming on-stage (just look for the guy whose luxurious curly locks the girls are jealous of). Graphic designer by day, surfer-bro depending on the tides, and musician by night. Want to sing a song? Impromptu karaoke? Midas has your back.



I’m a graphic designer slash musician and I feel great with what I do! It’s a beautiful and natural balance. As an artist, it can be challenge to defend your work to your clients. So when it gets a little rough, being out in the ocean and having a quick surf sesh pretty much releases the negative clot in my mind. Most times, it also helps formulate and squeeze out the creative juice that fixes whatever negative situation you’re in.

Besides this, being able to surf everyday and play music gives me more focus. It maximizes my creativity like the potion of possibilities that radiates to my work. And did I mention meeting positive-minded people in a day is the secret fuel that charges your inner strength and the vibe you release in whatever you do? I gotta shut up now, too deep this early in the evening.



My surfing mantra? Oooooh! Oh m-m-mmy god, it’s a set!




Playing my acoustic guitar with an ice-cold San Miguel fuckin’ pilsen, at the end of the day, is the true definition of love. Well, kind of.




For work you can go to facebook.com/MidrasDesigns. If you wanna buddy up with him while surfing, he’s almost always in the water during peak season when the waves are pumping. Otherwise, head to Buddha’s Surf Resort for Acoustic Nights at 9PM every Thursday. Keep an eye out for any other acoustic party.

  1. Elaine Abonal

The owner of Surfista Travels, this savvy young entrepreneur made her dream life into a very successful business brand. If that’s not enough to pique your interest, she speaks French AND can rock a longboard. Don’t be shy to approach her in the water; she really is as sweet and helpful as she looks.





I organize surf tours around the Philippines, which includes everything – surf lessons, accommodation, all the works. The brand has also grown to represent surfing in the Philippines.




Let your surfing do the talking and always remember to have fun.




I have a dog named Nalu which means wave in Hawaiian




To learn more please visit www.surfistatravels.com or find me at Turtle Surf Camp. Otherwise, I’m super boring! I always just stay at home and hang out with friends.

  1. Nilbie Blancada


If you’re already a pro-surfer looking for someone to challenge you, look no further than “BeBe.” Hailed as one of the best female surfers to date, some say she’s in the top 5 surfers on the island – beating a slew of other formidable surfer bros. How’s that for girl power?

Roxy sponsors her and you can find her ripping it up at famous surf break Cloud 9, leaving a lot of awed surfer-tourists staring in disbelief at this young talent. If she’s not there, she’s most likely with her sister, Nildie, traveling to another country to join (and win, duh) another competition.

Google her. Literally almost every headline says “Siargao Girl Dominates Surfing Cup.”

  1. Manuel “Wilmar” Melindo


My number one favorite person on the island is my childhood nanny, Wilmar (okay, I may be a bit biased). He’s probably the most well known Siargao surfer and is a surf instructor for several celebrities on holiday. This local legend’s ala Johnny-Depp mug is on the cover of several magazines with the title “Sexiest Man In Siargao” in big bold letters.

Wilmar dabbles in surf photography in his spare time. He sidelines as a judge for surf competitions around the country and likes to jam out with Midras during acoustic nights.

You can meet this hunk, his hippie wife, and cute kids at their rainbow-colored surf shop, Hippie’s Surf Shop just outside the entrance to Cloud 9.

manuel 2

Along with other notable Siargao surfers, Wilmar currently stars in the surf film “Days Of Filth” by Mark Mabanag.

Sade Andria Zabala is a twenty-five year old Filipina surfer sometimes living in Denmark. She is the author of poetry books War Songs and Coffee and Cigarettes. Her work has appeared on places such as Literary Orphans, The Thought Catalog, The Rising Phoenix Review, Hooligan Magazine, Germ Magazine, and more. In her spare time she likes to eat words and drink sunlight. You can purchase her books here. 

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