48 Hours Neukölln: Spätkauf Art and More!

When the art and culture festival 48 Stunden Neukölln (48 Hours Neukölln) first took place in the summer of 1999 it was probably quite an adventure to walk day and night through this colorful, but back then pretty rough, district of Berlin. Now, 13 years later, Neukölln’s 14th 48 Stunden Neukölln is upon us again! Neukölln in 2012 is hip, crowded, full of creativity and beyond multi-culti debates or gentrification classifications – simply put: it’s the final destination to paradise as the organizers of 48 Hours Neukölln call it. Over 600 venues are waiting for this entire weekend. Hop onto the packed, legendary U-Bahn party-line known as the U8 and follow our must-see exhibition tour map! 

These are berlin-artparasites top recommendations for 48 Hours Neukölln:


1)      The Fortune Factory

What the heck is a fortune factory? Is it Asians putting weird messages with crazy grammar in not very tasty and dry cookies? Or is it a field of juicy and green blooming four-leaved clovers? We don’t know either! The artists Katia Vonna Beltran, Eva Heinecke and Nicola Reinmöller will uncover the mystery if you visit them either on Friday at 7 pm or Saturday and Sunday at 12 am.

 Richardstr. 100

2)      Bronx vs. Brooklyn

Hard to find a Berlin art and culture festival that doesn’t address the Berlin topic: gentrification. Thirteen artists will examine the contradictions of urban development by using the Bronx and Brooklyn as a blueprint. Check out the constantly changing installations, actions and art performances at Richardplatz 48!


3)      paradise sweet paradise

Walk through the cloudy and sweet installation of Speisenklub Neukölln – installations made out of candyfloss! This is not only a paradise for kids but also for sweet-tooth grown-ups.


4)      Holy Späti!

The best thing about Berlin? Hands down: SPÄTKAUFS. The miraculous late-night, alcohol- or junk-food-craving-queller known as Spätis are what make the Berlin night life shine. The artists behind Holy Späti, Lea Julie Mugnaini and Hugo Estrela, are presenting 65 analog pictures of various people entering into Spätkaufs (particularly one in Neukölln). From drunks to people looking for rolling papers and kids begging for Haribo. This will be quite entertaining!

Späti International

5)      Big Cello
Why not transform one of these pretty, typical Berlin Altbau houses into a cello? This is not only a crazy idea, this is going to happen at 48 Hours Neukölln. This weekend, the house at Warthestr. 49 will be an instrument, that people can play on. Come by on Friday and Saturday at 7 pm, play the Cello on the fifth floor and say hi to the residents at Warthestr. 49! 

Warthestrasse 49

6) Positioning Osmotic Impulses

In the former Neukölln prison complex (creepy, yes, but definitely cool) you will find visual and sound art installations by 15 artists from five continents – one of who we interviewed recently – Surya Gied! A six part film series will be shown in 30 prison cells… definitely a must-see! An exhibition where art, atmosphere and environment collide.

Gefängnis Neukölln

So that you don’t miss out on any of these crazy, wierd and exciting exhibitions, events and who knows what…..follow the 48 Hours Neukoelln Tour Map! This will guide you from one whacky artspace to the next, so that you don’t waste any time getting lost!