2013: Resolutions From Familiar Faces

As the years always seem to do, 2013 has arrived out of nowhere. To celebrate new starts, for the next five days we will feature New Year’s resolutions from two favorite BAPS artists. Who knows, you might get some inspiration!

Ralf Tekaat:

I am starting a new wall installation titled “Fortytwo.” It is about my goal to run the Berlin Marathon (42 Kilometers) in September. Currently I am 42 years old. I try to connect the obsession of running with my obsession to do art. At some point it is as absurd to run 42 kilometers as it is to make pencil drawings in a scale of two by three meters. Of course, it is also about “the answers to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything” (If you’ve read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you already know that the answer to said questions is ultimately 42). So I am expecting to become enlightened. I will show this installation in Bremen at Galerie Mitte in December.

My “artistic” year, however, begins on January the 26th, when the artist duo Bauer/Tekaat will take part in a group show at Kreuzberg Pavillion. Stay tuned!


In 2013 I will show my works in galleries (for example a solo show in Berlin is planned at Laura Mars Group for September), and I’ll also participate at several group shows in Frankfurt / Main, Leipzig and Copenhagen. Currently in Hamburg my works are part at the WCT Gallery’s group show “New Abstractions” until the end of January.

My favorite resolution for the New Year is to continue my exhibition project “GLUE,” which was founded in 2004. And a good resolution for the entire future is: stop visiting these uninspired art shows curated by numskulls thinking that the more the better!