2013: Resolutions From Familiar Faces Pt. 4

Following part 3 of our series of new year’s resolutions from some of our most favorited featured artists, here is the final installment. You might remember these two faces as forming part of our recent Art Stars 2012 list. As such, we just had to ask them what in store for 2013!

Hannes Caspar:

Actually it’s always the same: at this time of the year I have so many resolutions, goals, aspirations, plans for the next year that I’m pretty sure a year from now, at this time, I will notice that only very little came into life. I guess that this happens to millions of people. So this time I am trying to be modest in my plans. 

I want to make music (after a long time). I want to learn more about photo and video technique. I want to travel more. And, of course, I want more money!

Okay, I guess it’s not that modest anymore…

I’m happy with how things are going, and it’s still great fun to get in touch with so many artists. It is a privilege to live and work in the most interesting city right now (in my opinion). Only the wintertime could be more beautiful outside.   

Philipp Groth:

Actually I am not a fan of those lists containing your ideas of what you could do better in the upcoming year. Of course there are some goals I’ve set myself, but I think that they arise rather from more or less instantaneous personal ambitions than from longtime plans. You just never know what’s coming up, and it might be that I won’t fulfill my ambitions until 2014 or even 2020. But in my opinion that’s not the point. It’s more about going that road while working on plenty of projects that just come along. Nevertheless, there are a handful of resolutions in my drawer I grabbed out for Berlin Art Parasites:

1) I will improve my technique by assembling knowledge and skills. (Start to set up a big     book collection of my favorite painters and photographers!)

2) I will get a little more rest. Take some time to reflect on my surroundings and let              them inspire me. (To just take a bus and ride around the whole day!)

3) I will travel a lot, experiencing plenty of things that will help me expand my                        imagination. (Don’t think about it and just drift away!)

4) I will flip pancakes to prove my mad cooking skills to my girlfriend.

Happy new year to all of you art parasites-people!