2013: Resolutions From Familiar Faces Pt. 3

Following part two of our series on new year’s resolutions from some emerging Berlin-based artists, we bring you lucky number three. This one comes with unexpected turns, invisible people, and sharks. Exactly. Read on!

Clémence de La Tour Du Pin:

1) Think hard about something to decorate.

2) Speed reading a Pascal book “Treatise on Vacuum” in the mean time wearing a                 French marinière.

3) Make gossips with an English man in German about a virtual parade in a place                 where bread and cakes are made.

4) Organize an invisible event for invisible people.

5) They’ve been following me. I’ll run on the road and turn on the window Firewall.

6) Upcoming show: “We outsourced everything and now we’re bored” duo exhibition             with John Henry Newton opening on March 16th at L’Atelierkunst, Berlin.

 7) Solo show: Opening May 18th at L’Atelierkunst, Berlin 

Katrin Hagen a.k.a. Mischief Champion:

2012 was a bit nuts for me so this year I am hoping to learn to breathe more steadily. I want to visit the ocean once in a while, stay curious, keep collaborating, read more books, and write a loose plan with actual headings and subheadings. I also want to draw at least one shark. On a more personal note, I want to be kinder and gentler, starting with my long-suffering balcony plants. 

Surya Gied:

My new year’s resolution is, as cheesy as it sounds, staying in the moment.
For 2013 I want to focus on experiencing time in it’s full potential. Not only running behind the future or planning the year beforehand in all details, but finding a way to capture life with all of its surprises and unexpected turns!

Happy New Year!