10 things I’ve learnt before falling in love for the first time 

Artwork by Jeff Taylor, available for purchase  here

Artwork by Jeff Taylor, available for purchase here

  • Falling in love is not easy. If you think is easy than you are not in love or you love the wrong person. Falling in love means tears, a broken heart, late night talks and a lot of memories. You can’t fall in love in 2 days, you need time.
  • Be sure. Sometimes, you need so much affection  you think you are falling in love and when you think that you make all the possible procedures just to be in love and get love. That is not okay. Your  heart do whatever it wants to do, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. It doesn’t accept enjoins but you can also try. You can make it not to catch of everything little thread of affection and sympathy. You can be wrong for so many times, and for so many moments. It takes just a  wrong step to wake up from your dream.
  • You don’t have to fall in love with every lover you have. Falling in love with all your heart is special, is important, is something a lot of girls dream about and also, is so difficult to get love from a lover. We, girls, give love in so many ways, to so many boys, and is so cruel.  That means lots of pain  and tears, but that is the way we make our heart stronger. Some boys will make you feel special, other will make you feel smart or beautiful. But, my dear, find that one who makes you feel the one and only and never let him go. Don’t run for boys or for love, love will find you and when this will happen, keep it close. Find that one that it would live for you, and also, die for you. Find that one who smiles when sees you, but not for the body, just for the soul and the mind, find the one who would you be naked just because he loves you, not reverse.

    Collage art by Jeff Taylor, available for purchase  here

    Collage art by Jeff Taylor, available for purchase here

  • Never give your heart easy. And not to persons who are not capable to keep it alive, give it to people who have no doubt to give  you their souls, . Who show you that you are special, that you are the moon, the stars , the sun and all above. Show them how important can you be and what you can do. Let them die for you and for your heart. But don’t give your heart until you are 100% sure  that is the person that will care about it. Give it to the person who touchs your soul more than your body, who explore your mind more that your neck, to the person who was tenderness in every atom.
  • True love is rare. If you find it , keep it close. Fight for what you love, prove them that you get what you want even you are not sure about it or if it’s just a phase. But, my dear, love is not a phase. Love is forever, no matter what. It may be hard and obstacles will appear all the time,but if it’s love it will resist. From  now to a thousand years, from now to the highway to stars, it will resist if it’s miles away.  True love is for life.
  • Don’t break other hearts just because your heart is broken. You are not like them, every heart break for so  many times, and every time is a different reason. Even your heart cries because he left, doesn’t means you have to break  hearts of people who really care about you, they don’t deserve, let the Universe do his job. You just have to forgive and forget. Revenge is a stupid things, it’s karma’s job. Never do to others what you wouldn’t have them do to you.
  • You will lie yourself a lot. You will tell yourself about the boy with brown eyes who stole your phone number and make you feel like heaven. You will tell yourself how much you love him, even is the wrong person, and deep deep inside yourself you know that, but you do not stop because you like it. You like to be cheated, you like to feel hurt.  He will  believe you love him, your parents, his family, you friends…all. But, you know that is not true, and after the break up, you will know how to treat your heart and find true love. You will be hit by the most painful though: you loved the wrong person for so much time. You will try to recover yourself from the floor and go there to prove him what he lost. But nothing will be the same, your eyes will cry more, your mind will try to find another ways to be the best. Even after all, you will lie yourself that you loved him until you will believe it.Maybe, not from the first try but you will.
  • Never leave your friends for a possible boyfriend. True friends are hard to find, and hard to keep. To have a true friend is one of the most beautiful things life gives you. He helps you all the time, make you laugh until your stomach hurts, give you advice and make you wish you were death when you screwed up. It is like a mirror of your soul, but  smarter and more beautiful. Never leave them, not for a boy. Boys make girls cry, and also, give them wonderful moments, but are temporary, sweetheart. What you have with a friend is unique and lasts. What you have with a lover or a boyfriend is also special but it does not lasts so much, is a magic that makes you feel peaceful and in love, but is more painful the end, a true friendship   has no end. You just have to find that really good friend, your soul mate. Don’t you ever left your good friends just because you think you are in love. Take a chance. Take a golden mean, love your friends and take care  about your boyfriend. And if they put you to choose between one and other, then is not a true friend and even the lover of your life. You are on the wrong way, go back and start again.
  • Don’t use somebody. Don’t use somebody as a bandage. They don’t deserve cruelty. Maybe they are really in love with you, maybe they care about you like a brother or more, you will never know if you will use them. Don’t be a cold-hearted girl. If your heart is broken go on the road with happiness, with friends and laughs, don’t go for revenge. Never.  No one deserve to be used. If there’s a hole in your soul, don’t cover it, fill it.
  • Make peace with yourself. Make peace with yourself and you will fall in love in the most beautiful way. You will fall in love with you. The first person you have to fall in love with is YOU. You have to love yourself, you are beautiful, you are intelligent, your laugh is contagious, your touch make other souls vibe, your smile is the most beautiful piece of art  which people  have ever seen. Give to your soul a pause, let it breathe like it never did, like is the first time it feels the air and also the kindness of the Earth. Let it be happy. Allow yourself to be happy. To be in love with yourself.

Written by Dumitrita Gabriela