10 Things I Learned Last Year About Yoga Poses And The Similarity Of Cats And Men

Illustration by  Ilinca Mishkina

Illustration by Ilinca Mishkina

1. I have absolutely no idea how to yoga. However, if you make a wish and sit like that for an hour, your feet will hurt like hell.
2. Having 4k screen resolution is awesome. Also, creating manifesto .txt files in Regedit to avoid extra tiny Adobe menus does not make you a hacker.
3. Sharing your room with an under aged cat is not always fun. Typing, working and drawing will have to wait. Forever. Things will get messy. And violent.
4. Sometimes things that happen in life don’t mean anything. Life is not a metaphor, it’s the result of your decisions. Maybe there’s no Undo button, but there will always be a Try otherwise, if you are willing to use it. Again. And again. And again.
5. “If you’re going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start”.
6. It’s been proven that I got superpowers, and they suck.
7. No one knows what you know. Therefore, if you have to make a decision, no one’s advice should matter that much. The only thing that matters is the time you’ve spent analysing stuff. Over analysing stuff. And reaching conclusions. And changing your mind just so you can change it again. And again.
8. The only thing that wins is the truth. And if everybody’s sensing whatever that truth represents, it will eventually win anyway.
9. Baby cats are great. Teenager cats are exhausting, mean, immature, pushy, self centred and selfish beings that make you cry and go insane and you WILL love them.
10. Just like some men.

Ilinca Pop is an illustrator, ex-piano player, ex-poet, muse by accident and photographer by chance, based in Bucharest, Romania. She currently studies Architecture, though she rather sees it as learning to work with space. Her all-time favourite fictional character is Prince Mîșkin from Dostoievsky’s novel The Idiot, hence the Mishkina title.