10 Signs You Are Unravelling Your Psyche

Artwork by Zeen Chin

Artwork by Zeen Chin

1. Feeling a sense of Awareness

     Mindfulness is the state of being aware of everything around. It is reaching a mental state where one’s focus magnifies the present moment, while accepting and acknowledging the various thoughts and sensations that come attached with it. To be mindful is to be aware of people and surroundings, and to be in tune with how certain situations, persons or things make you feel. As you begin allowing your soul to unfold unto itself, one of the main tell-tale signs of this is that you find yourself more attuned to the changes, actions and reactions around you. Mindfulness allows you to consciously or unconsciously make ethical decisions, especially in the sense of contributing to the greater good. The state of being aware is like awakening for the first time, with regard to noticing and creating connections with the things and people that we are surrounded by.

2. Being in a state of Awe

     Everything has meaning, purpose and the potential to move you. Your subconscious mind is able to identify and appreciate beauty in normal and everyday things that are most often overlooked. It will become an everyday occurrence where you find yourself captivated in appreciation of interconnectivity of the way souls and spirits melt into each other. An understanding and acceptance of all things good, bad and great; a sense of not dwelling on what cannot be changed and experiencing eagerness about what tomorrow could bring. You could be marvelling at the night sky, at the beauty of leafless branches or simply watch humans and animals vibrating with each other at the same frequency and just appreciate it in silence. A surge in the sense of knowing that things greater than yourself exist and revelling in that wonderment. It is as though you are looking at the world through a new pair of eyes, forgetting what you already know. You will feel like every time is the first time that you have done something.

Artwork by Zeen Chin

Artwork by Zeen Chin

3. Creativity

     The more open your mind is. the more creativity you allow to pass through you. Osho, a spiritual teacher, says that he sees creativity as what you allow to flow through you, rather than viewing the experience as something that you do. He also points out that the creative person is someone that has been forced to rebel against society. In a sense, this can be understood as breaking away from everything society has taught you and allowing the creative forces to flow through you. The end result is that which you allowed this force to create through you. You might find inspiration in the smallest of shift in perspective. You might feel the need to write, sing, dance, or paint in order to extinguish what is burning inside you. This is you paying attention to and allowing the creative force to move through you.

4. Making dietary changes subconsciously

     As you begin to get in touch with your true spirit, you will notice subtle changes in your choice of food. You might opt for foods that are less processed and more natural. Meat that you normally enjoy consuming might suddenly be off putting. You might sense the vibrations from the food on your plate, both positive and negative. This will naturally allow you to make better decisions when picking out food. You will be aware of overly processed foods and meat that has not been slaughtered respectfully and will automatically steer clear of it. You might find an appreciation for raw and vegan foods and incorporate it into your diet. While these dietary changes don’t mean you will never pick up a burger or fries in your life, rather you will be aware of what you are putting into your body. This sense of awareness kicks in one fine random day.

5. Feeling Hypersensitivity 

     Do you sometimes find yourself being overwhelmed with emotion while hearing stories about another person’s distress or find yourself appreciating scenarios and circumstances that have nothing to do with you? Do not be hasty to blame it on your unwelcome visitor that induces PMS every month or so. You might be moved to the point of tears, leaving you to wonder if that corny advertisement that left you in tears meant more than it should or if it had any real significance. It is important to note that what we see does not dictate our emotions, rather the things that we perceive move us. You might find yourself responding and reacting to people and situations that you previously might not have given much attention to. All your senses will be heightened in a manner that you will appreciate smells, tastes and the feel of what you love much more than ever before. You will also find yourself being more empathetic and understanding of other’s predicaments.

6. Creating Connections

     You will begin to connect dots and draw parallels. You might find yourself being more attuned to the why’s and the how’s that you would usually be confused by. A large part of your soul awakening from it’s slumber, is recognising that every person, place or circumstance indeed has a purpose. You will comprehend that all humans are interconnected and that every gesture, regardless of how minuscule it might be, inadvertently affects not only yourself, but the world at large. You will understand that all things, living as well as non-living have always vibrated at the same frequency. It is only now that you might be paying attention to how everything is not only interconnected, it is intraconnected as well. Every organism, every being whether you encounter it or not, whether you are aware of it or not, contribute to your existence up until this very moment.

7. Welcoming new experiences

     You will find new ways to liven up the boring mediocrities throughout the course of your day. There will be a sense that the shackles you put on yourself have come undone. You will have less hang ups about the things that you do not know much about. You may experience a sense of curiosity that allows you to welcome new people and experiences. The old you, consciously or subconsciously, might have resisted change or been afraid of it. The new you will welcome it with childlike curiosity and excitement. Your mind has opened up to allowing in the infinite possibilities that the universe has to offer. You will crave this change and you will find yourself beginning new ventures, maybe do things that you have always wanted to do or were curious about. You will inevitably learn from those experiences which will also help shape your perspective.

8. Heightened positivity

     If you are the type of person that is usually brought down easily, you should be noticing how you do not feel so down in the dumps as often as you used to. Where the most trivial of things might leave you in a bad mood, you might see that you are able to bounce back and not let someone or something drag you down. You might see yourself thinking “So what? Life goes on” or “I don’t want to invest my energy in negativity” that will help you to bounce off the negativity and go about your day. You will be around lesser pessimists and surround yourself with positive vibrant people. This shift in perception will automatically spill over to other’s around you who cannot help but be affected by your positive energy. Overall, you will be a more pleasant and understanding person than you were before.

Artwork by Zeen Chin

Artwork by Zeen Chin

9. Meaningful coincidences

     Some people are religious and some people are spiritual. Whichever path you lean towards, there is no denying that a force or energy greater than us exists. Some people attribute luck as the work of greater forces  while others see it as natural forces that are responding to the vibrations that you send out into the universe. Whichever category you come under, you will undoubtedly notice patterns in coincidences. You will notice coincidences things that happen to you that have a neutral or positive affect on your day or mood. You might have thought about someone or something or simply had a feeling about something and something related to your thought might occur. It can be anything so small that it could go unnoticed, or it could be life changing. You will also be in sync with the vibrations of those that are close to you, even if they are not close in proximity. When you find your mind responding to those frequencies, they mostly result in happy coincidences.

10. Paying attention to Intuition

     What people call a ‘gut feeling’ can essentially be when you know or are sure of something, without solid evidence. The word intuition comes from the late middle English word ‘intuit’ which means “to contemplate”. Sometimes we tend to ignore certain ‘feelings’ that at a later time we might wish we had paid attention to. People that are getting in touch with their true essence will find themselves tuning in to their intuition and as a result acting accordingly. They might make changes with regard to listening to their intuition. You may have come across terms like “a mother’s intuition” or “twin intuition”. One little fact that we forget to consider is that every human being has intuition, some are able to tap into that energy while other’s might not be able to do the same.

Written by Tharwah Nuseirah